Haggerston Baths is a purpose built swimming baths completed in 1904 in the Edwardian baroque style. Subsequently the property was modernised with an extension added to the Former Laundry to the north-west. The baths were closed in 2000 and have since fallen into a state of disrepair. The property currently extends to over 3,693 sq m (39,733 sq ft Gross Internal Area and 3,406 sq m, (36,650 sq ft) Net Internal Area on a site of approximately 0.23 hectare, (0.57 acre). The property can be broadly divided into three distinct areas as shown below:

Main Pool Hall

The key focal point for the property is the main pool hall, with the 25m swimming pool still in situ. The domed roof gives the hall an impressive atmosphere with ample natural light provided by full length roof lights. Originally the pool was surrounded by amphitheatre style seating; however we understand that was removed in the 1960s to create a gallery walkway and access to the changing rooms below. Surrounding the main pool hall are a number of ancillary rooms including changing facilities, store rooms and toilets. The main pool dimensions are 25m x 10m and the learning pool 10m x 3.9m. The floor to ceiling height is 6.1m from floor level to the eves and 12.4m at the highest point of the domed roof. The main pool hall area benefits from a large basement; previously this area was in use as a laundry and ancillary storage space.

Front Entrance Building

Positioned behind the impressive façade fronting onto Whiston Road, the front entrance building is arranged over basement, ground and two upper floors. When the baths were in operation this section of the property included a reception area, offices and a caretakers flat on the top floor. There are two stairwells located either side of the main entrance providing access to all floors.

Former Laundry

The more recently constructed warehouse style building in the north western corner of the property is arranged over part basement, ground and part first floor. This section currently houses the original chain fed coal boilers, changing rooms, the modern boilers and air handling equipment along with storage space and has separate access from Whiston Road. Save for the chimney, the structure of the laundry building has few areas of significant architectural merit. Re-development of this part may be possible, subject to all necessary consents. Any proposed redevelopment must give consideration to the chain fed boilers, which are noted for their heritage value.

Externally, the title to the property extends over part of the pedestrian walkway, known as Swimmers Lane, between the building and a modern apartment block. There is also a small external yard section to the north east of the pool hall building.

1 – Main Pool Hall
2 – Former Laundry
3 – Front Entrance Building

We provide a schedule of areas below for information. It should be highlighted that these have been scaled from CAD drawings provided by the Council (available in the Data Room) and have not been verified by BNP Paribas Real Estate:

Main Pool Hall NIA (Sq M) NIA (Sq Ft) GIA (Sq M) GIA (Sq Ft)
Basement 468 5,040 500 5,385
Ground 811 8,726 866 9,320
First (Slipper Baths) 89 958 100 1,075
SUB TOTAL 1,368 14,723 1,467 15,780
Former Laundry NIA (Sq M) NIA (Sq Ft) GIA (Sq M) GIA (Sq Ft)
Basement 338 3,640 368 3,964
Ground 693 7,461 709 7,630
First 170 1,829 170 1,831
SUB TOTAL 1,202 12,930 1,248 13,425
Front Entrance Building NIA (Sq M) NIA (Sq Ft) GIA (Sq M) GIA (Sq Ft)
Basement 248 2,669 275 2,956
Ground 217 2,340 264 2,839
First 212 2,281 253 2,724
Second 159 1,708 187 2,008
SUB TOTAL 836 8,996 978 10,528
TOTAL 3,406 36,650 3,693 39,733